Apostille – Authentication and legalization of your academic documents for use outside of Canada

Published on Friday, June 21, 2013

Canadian educational programs are recognized worldwide, with Canada positioned as a preferred destination for international students who report rich and rewarding academic experiences. However, the process of having Canadian academic documents and other personal documents legalized for use outside of the country is often found to be confusing, frustrating and complicated.

Generally to use your Canadian academic or personal documents in a foreign country, they need to go through a process called authentication & legalization. Other terms for this process that you may be familiar with include apostille, attestation and superlegalization.

While this process is theoretically straightforward, in practice it is confusing and complicated. Every country has unique rules and regulations about the authentication & legalization process and it can be difficult to obtain this information. Without expert assistance, the process typically takes many weeks. You can find more information on the authentication & legalization process here.

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