IMSS Applications and Renewals – Document authentication and legalization (apostille)

Published on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

As part of the IMSS application process, you will need to have your Canadian documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, authenticated and legalized, also referred to as apostille.

In order to have your birth certificates, marriage certificates, or other Canadian documents authenticated and legalized, you have two choices:

1.   You can manage the process yourself.  This involves first having the document authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa, or by an appropriate provincial agency. The second step involves submitting the document to the Embassy of Mexico, or one of their consulates that provides document legalization.

It is important to make sure you have met all the requirements set by the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Mexico before submitting your documents. If your documents are not prepared correctly, they will be rejected.


2.   You can have an authentication and legalization service manage the process on your behalf.

We work with you to make sure your documents are prepared correctly.  You send your documents to our Ottawa office and we manage all aspects of the authentication and legalization process for you. We will return your processed documents to you, often in as little as two days, as opposed to four weeks or more.

Contact IDC for more information on the authentication and legalization of your Canadian documents for your IMSS application or renewal.


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