Canada Trade with China – Legalization of Documents

Published on Thursday, July 10, 2014

Canada’s trade with China remains one of our countries biggest challenges and many continue that Canada companies can and must do more to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities that exist for Canadian firms. As Peter Harder points out in this article in the Globe and Mail the rest of the world is much more focused on continually strengthening trade relations with China than Canada is – and that China is not waiting for Canada.  One of the issues that Canadian companies must address is understanding that while doing business in China is certainly different from doing business in Canada or the North America market there are many businesses and organization such as the Canada China Business Council that can help companies reach beyond their traditional focus and succeed in this exciting market.

At International Documents Canada we have helped many companies meet the authentication and legalization requirements for trade with China and have always found once Canadian companies realize that trading with China is not as difficult as they first thought, there is no holding back.