How to get your Police Clearance or Good Conduct Certificate from the State of Qatar

Published on Thursday, March 5, 2015

After living in Qatar you may be asked to apply for a Police Clearance, also called a Good Conduct Certificate. According to the information provided by the Embassy of Qatar, you can apply for your Police Clearance by submitting the following documents:

• Cover letter requesting a police clearance from Qatar and the reason for the request
• Copy of the passport that was used in Qatar
• Copy of your current passport
• Copy of your old or expired residence visa in Qatar
• Copy of your current valid residence permit/citizenship in Canada (birth certificate, PRC, etc.)
• Fingerprint form which will be done at a police station and then authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs
• Four passport size photographs (4.8cm by 3.8cm)
• Current consular fees (subject to change)

The appropriate fingerprint form can be completed at a local Canadian police detachment. However, this form must be notarized before going through the authentication and legalization process.

To simplify the Police Clearance application process, we can handle everything from the notarization and authentication of your fingerprint form, to submitting the application for your Police Clearance from the State of Qatar. Using our service will save you weeks of processing time and reduce the stress involved.

Do you have questions about the process or need our help? Contact our friendly staff who will happily provide you with the answers you need.

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