Global Affairs Canada’s document authentication policy

Published on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

To have your Canadian documents recognized abroad, they will need to be authenticated and legalized, also known as apostille. Authentication is the first step of the process which involves having your Canadian documents stamped and signed by Global Affairs Canada.

Global Affairs Canada has very specific requirements and policies for the authentication of documents. One policy is that you may only authenticate up to ten documents at a time if attending in person. If you have more than ten documents, you must leave them with Global Affairs Canada and they will contact you when they have been completed (1-5 business days).

You should also be aware that the current processing time at Global Affairs Canada if you submit your documents by mail is 25 business days. Making the process long and frustrating.

Our office is in downtown Ottawa and we would be happy to handle the authentication of your documents. Using our service can save you weeks of processing time and ensure your documents have been prepared correctly.

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