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Published on Thursday, February 2, 2017

When preparing documents for your Saudi Arabia visa application, you will also need to authenticate your Canadian documents. The most commonly requested documents are vital statistics certificates and University Degrees.

Requirements for birth and marriage certificates

Vital statistics certificates, such as birth and marriage certificates, must be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada before they can be legalized and used for your Saudi Arabia visa application. That means that your original long-form birth or marriage certificates must be presented to Global Affairs Canada where they will add a stamp of authentication.

If you do not have the original long-form birth/marriage certificate or it is not the correct format, you may order new certificates from the appropriate Province or Territory:

Many of our clients have their new certificates sent straight to our office to save time and shipping fees. We look after the authentication and ship your completed documents back to you.

Requirements for University Degrees

Your original University degree will need to be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada. In addition, all educational documents must be certified by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in Ottawa. You should know that a copy of your University transcripts must be sent directly to the Cultural Bureau from your University to support the certification of your degree.

How IDC’s authentication Services can help

If you are using a visa service to submit your application, they too will need to have your Canadian documents authenticated. Visa service companies that are not located in Ottawa will likely outsource the authentication to an Ottawa service provider.

Avoid the stress and save time – We offer expert document authentication services and can save you several weeks of processing time!

Still have questions? Contact IDC toll free at 1-888-433-1011 or complete a Request Info form.

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