What is the process of Notary Attestation?

Published on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Notary Attestation: a term used most commonly by foreign countries and refers to a process of signature and document validation.

What is the role of the Notary?

Document notarization is done by a specially authorized person, a Notary Public (or Notary in Quebec). The Notary Public will place their signature and stamp on the document, certifying that they have either witnessed a signature or made a certified true copy of an original document.

What is attestation?

If you have been asked for attestation of your Canadian document, you will actually need document authentication and legalization.  Attestation is one of many terms used around the world to describe this process.

Why do you need to get your document notarized before “attestation”?

Notarization is often a necessary first step to having your documents authenticated and legalized in Canada, as laid out in the requirements established by Global Affairs Canada. The notarization requirements will depend upon what type of documents you have and where they were issued.

What documents will require notarization before “attestation”?

Certain documents do not need to be notarized before Global Affairs Canada will authenticate them. However, the following documents will certainly require notarization:

  • Criminal record checks issued by local police detachments (without fingerprints).
  • Certified True Copies of personal and commercial documents.
  • Power of Attorney documents, affidavits, contracts and agreements that are being signed in Canada.

Do you have further questions?

 If you have more questions about “notary attestation”, or the authentication and legalization process, please feel free to contact us. We can manage the process on your behalf and save you several weeks of processing time.

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