Notarization Services – 3 Steps to Success

Published on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Notarization Services are often a requirement for documents being used within Canada for legal or immigration purposes. However, notarization services are also commonly required for documents intended for use in a foreign country. If you intend to use your documents outside of Canada, you should follow these 3 Steps to Success.

Notarization Services – 3 Steps to Success!

Step 1 – Location, location, location.

If you are in Canada and need to notarize a document for use outside of Canada, you will need to notarize the document with a Canadian Notary Public. In some cases, you can have a document notarized at the Embassy or Consulate of the destination country instead.

Step 2 – What type of document do you have?

If you are signing a document, you will need a Notary Public to witness your signature and then duly notarize the document. If you need to provide a copy of a document, the Notary Public must make a “Certified True Copy”.

Step 3 – Destination rules.

Some countries have specific requirements for how a document is notarized. You need to know in advance if notarization must be done on the document itself, whether a notarial certificate is acceptable, or how to handle a multi-page document.

Next Steps – Authentication and Legalization

Once you have your document notarized, it may also require authentication and legalization. Document authentication and legalization is a process of signature verification that makes it possible for your document to be recognized in a foreign country. Globally, there are many different terms used to describe this process; including apostille, attestation, ratification, and super-legalization.

Ask for help – Trust the experts!

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