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You may have heard that Canada handles apostille services a little differently than other countries. That’s because Canada has not signed the Hague Apostille Convention, and therefore cannot issue apostilles. Instead, Canada has put in place their own unique process, called document authentication and legalization. The authentication and legalization process is Canada’s equivalent to the apostille process

In this article, International Documents Canada has collected some essential information about how to properly authenticate and legalize (apostille) a Canadian document.

What Are the Requirements?

When it comes to the authentication and legalization (apostille) process in Canada there are some important requirements to be aware of, including:

Additionally, the agency that authorizes documents for legalization, Global Affairs Canada, will reject your document if it’s suspected to contain inaccurate information, or if they feel that the authentication process itself is being used for something fraudulent.

Why Use an Apostille Service?

These days, in such an increasingly global world, there’s an increased demand to have documents apostilled (authenticated and legalized). However, the process can be far from easy, especially if you’re dealing with various government agencies and foreign embassies. That’s why many choose to work with an apostille service to make the process easier and more efficient.

What Does an Apostille Service Due?

As mentioned above, Canada has their own three-step process to certify the authenticity of Canadian documents for use in a foreign country. They are as follows:

Step 1: Preparation for Processing: First, an expert team will work with you to ensure your documents are prepared properly for the authentication and legalization process. The specific requirements that apply to you will be identified, and the necessary steps taken to address any unmet requirements such as notarization or translation. 

Step 2: Authentication: After ensuring all of the documents have been prepared correctly, an apostille service will then take them to Global Affairs Canada to be authenticated. By ensuring your documents are prepared correctly the first time, an apostille service can save you many weeks of time in avoiding costly errors that require redoing the process from the beginning..

Step 3: Legalization: Once your documents have been authenticated, the apostille service will deliver them to the appropriate diplomatic for legalization.

As soon as your documents are processed, the apostille service will forward your documents to you or wherever in the world you need them.

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