Apostille your Canadian Documents for Use in Ecuador

Published on Friday, December 9, 2016

Do you need to apostille your Canadian documents for use in Ecuador? Many Canadians choose Ecuador as their retirement destination. Among the many details to consider, you need to determine what documents you will need provide for your residency Visa.

What documents are commonly required for use in Ecuador?

Your specific document requirements may depend upon your personal situation. Here are some examples of commonly requested documents:

As Canada is not a signatory to The Hague Apostille Convention, it is not possible to obtain an apostille on Canadian documents. To be recognized in a foreign country, Canadian documents must be “authenticated and legalized”.

What is the authentication and legalization process?

The authentication and legalization process enables your Canadian documents to be recognized in another country. Your documents must be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada and then legalized at Embassy of Ecuador.

The Embassy of Ecuador has very specific requirements for the legalization of Canadian documents. They use a virtual consul to review and accept your authenticated documents and proof of payment to the Embassy. This makes the already long and frustrating process even more difficult.

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