Do You Need to Authenticate and Legalize a Canadian Document? You Have Two Options…

Published on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

About document authentication and legalization (the Canadian apostille process)

Document authentication and legalization is the official process used to certify the validity of a Canadian document so that it will be officially recognized in another country. The authentication and legalization process, also known as the Canadian apostille process, involves a number of steps. These steps include preparing your document for processing, submitting your documents to Global Affairs Canada, and submitting your documents to the appropriate diplomatic missions.

You have two options…

You have two options to get your documents authenticated and legalized: 1) you can manage the process yourself, or 2) you can have a company that specializes in the authentication and legalization process manage the process for you. But how do you make up your mind which option is right for you?

About our infographic

We’ve put together an infographic that walks you through the steps to follow when authenticating and legalizing your documents yourself. It walks you through each step, letting you know which questions to ask and where to go next. We’ve attempted to highlight the pitfalls that frequently result in lengthy delays for those not familiar with the authentication and legalization process, to help you avoid them. Some of the steps may not apply to your particular situation, but we recommend that you answer all the questions posed in the blue boxes throughout the infographic.

On to the infographic!

An infographic walking you through the steps you should take to authenticate and legalize a Canadian document.

Using IDC to manage the authentication and legalization process for you

At International Documents Canada we provide expert authentication and legalization services, managing all aspects of this process for our clients. While we feel we offer an excellent service we also take pride in clearly explaining all the options to our clients – the reason we put together this infographic! We want you to understand what your choices are, so you feel you’ve made the right decision if you choose us to authenticate and legalize your documents.

How can I get more information on document authentication and legalization?

If you have any questions about the authentication and legalization process (the Canadian apostille process) our website is a great place to start. Or better yet, contact our friendly specialists. We’ll explain the process, answer your questions, and clearly lay out your options. No pressure and no obligation. Phone us toll free at 1-888-433-1011 or submit our quick form.