Apostille – Authentication and legalization for Certificates of Good Conduct or Police Clearance from the United Arab Emirates

Published on Tuesday, June 25, 2013

After living in the UAE for any period during the last ten years, you may need a Certificate of Good Conduct or Police Clearance. According to the information provided by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, you can apply for your certificate of good conduct or police clearance by submitting the following documents.

• Fingerprint form with all ten fingerprints, authenticated and legalized
• Two colour passport size photos
• A copy of your passport
• Application for Good Conduct Certificate

These documents must be prepared and submitted to the Police Department at the Ministry of Interior in the appropriate Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Please confirm these requirements by visiting the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates website.

You can get a fingerprint form from a local Canadian police detachment, but this form must be notarized before going through the authentication and legalization process. Alternately, if you get a Certified Criminal Record Check issued by the RCMP headquarters in Ottawa you do not need to have it notarized.

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