Traveling abroad with your animal companion? Have your Canadian International Health Certificate authenticated and legalized

Published on Thursday, January 16, 2014

When traveling abroad with your animal companions, you will need to consider what documents may be required, such as a Canadian International Health Certificate. This is a document that is completed by your Veterinarian and then endorsed by an official government Veterinarian.

In many cases, the Canadian International Health Certificate will also need to be authenticated and legalized. The authentication and legalization process, also referred to as apostille, enables your Canadian documents to be recognized in another country.

How do you authenticate and legalize your Canadian International Health Certificate?

First, you will need to have your Canadian International Health Certificate notarized by a Canadian Notary Public. Next, you can have it authenticated at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFATD). Last, it must be legalized at the diplomatic mission for your destination country.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and each diplomatic mission have very specific requirements for the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents. Managing the process yourself can take several weeks.

How can IDC help?

Avoid the delays and frustration involved with attempting to go through the process on your own. Instead, use a service that specializes in managing the authentication and legalization process, like International Documents Canada (IDC). We actively monitor the changing requirements of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFATD) and over 200 diplomatic missions, alleviating the stress involved and saving you up to six weeks of processing time.

International Documents Canada (IDC) is the expert in Canadian document authentication and legalization, or apostille. Contact IDC for more information and to discuss your specific situation.

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