Authentication and legalization, or apostille, of your birth, marriage or divorce certificates

Published on Friday, June 13, 2014

Whether you are planning a destination wedding, studying abroad, or moving overseas, you will need to have your personal documents authenticated and legalized, also known as apostille. For more information about the authentication and legalization process itself, have a look at this helpful article – “Where can I get a document Apostille in Canada

If you do not have your birth, marriage or divorce certificates, or they are not the correct format, you can easily order new ones. Most provinces provide an online service for ordering new vital statistics documents. A divorce certificate can be ordered directly from the court house where it was filed.

Many of our clients have their new certificates sent straight to our office to save time and additional shipping fees. We look after the authentication and legalization of your documents. Once they have been processed, we ship them wherever you want, including overseas.

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