Are you getting married in Vietnam?

Published on Monday, November 21, 2016

If you are getting married in Vietnam, you have many exciting details to plan. Let’s discuss some key information that will help you have a successful wedding in Vietnam.

There are specific documents which you will need to prepare and provide to the authorities in Vietnam.

Documents required to get married in Vietnam:

·      Notarized copy of your birth certificate ·       Marriage search (notarized if from Ontario)
·      Notarized medical certificate ·       Notarized single status affidavit
·      Notarized passport copy (every page) ·       Divorce certificate (if applicable)

There is also an application form required to marry in Vietnam that may need to be submitted to the Embassy if your fiancé is not applying separately in Vietnam.

Before you can use your Canadian documents in Vietnam, you need to have them authenticated and legalized. The process of authenticating and legalizing Canadian documents for use in Vietnam involves two steps. First, the documents must be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada. Next, they must be legalized at the Embassy of Vietnam.

You can manage the process yourself. However, if done by mail it can take up to six weeks. We can reduce the processing time to less than a week and will ensure your documents are processed properly.

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