Canadian birth certificate validation

Published on Thursday, January 26, 2017

It is common to be asked for validation of your Canadian birth certificate and other personal documents. It may be a requirement to prove your identity, for a Visa application, or for immigration purposes.

What is document validation?

The term validation can be used to describe any of the following procedures in Canada:

  • Notarization
  • Authentication
  • Legalization

What is document notarization?

To have a document notarized means to have a specially authorized person, called a Notary Public (or Notary in Quebec), place their signature and stamp on the document, certifying that they have either witnessed a signature or made a certified true copy of an original document.

What is document authentication?

Document authentication is the first step of the authentication and legalization process, and involves having your Canadian documents stamped and signed by Global Affairs Canada.

What is document legalization?

Document legalization is a term used to describe the process of obtaining the signature and seal of a foreign diplomatic mission on a Canadian document. They will certify that the document authentication is genuine and the official has the authority to execute the authentication.

Authentication and legalization of your Canadian birth certificate

Your Canadian birth certificate must be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. Next, it will be legalized by the appropriate Embassy or Consulate of the destination country within Canada.

Tip: You will need an original long-form birth certificate that was issued by vital statistics, or a certified true copy made by a Canadian Notary Public. Not all countries will accept certified true copies, so you will need to confirm the requirements in advance.

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