Document Services – Canadian document authentication & legalization

Published on Thursday, March 16, 2017

If you are going abroad for work or study, chances are you will need to hire document services to facilitate the authentication and legalization of your Canadian documents. Other terms used for this process are apostille, or attestation. Regardless of the term used, they all refer to a process of document verification within the country of origin.

What is the authentication & legalization process?

The authentication and legalization process enables your Canadian documents to be recognized in another country. The process involves document authentication at the JLAC office of Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa and then legalization at the diplomatic mission of your destination country.

Global Affairs Canada and each embassy have very specific requirements for the authentication and legalization of documents. It is important to research the requirements in advance, or hire a service like ours who specializes in this process.

Why should you use Document Services?

Global Affairs Canada recommends that if you are unable to attend their office in person, you should hire a private service provider, such as an authentication and legalization service. As the leading document authentication and legalization service in Ottawa, we attend Global Affairs Canada daily.

We can also handle the legalization portion of the process. By managing this step of the process, we will ensure your documents are prepared correctly and all supporting documents are included. Once completed, we can return your documents to you or forward them to a recipient abroad.

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