Canadian Trade Mission to India – New business opportunities

Published on Friday, November 3, 2017

Trade Mission to India

Next month the Government of Canada is leading a Technology and Trade delegation to India. They will meet with Government and business leaders and participate in the Canada-India technology Summit in New Delhi.

The Canada-India Technology Summit is one of the Government of India’s key events that showcases innovative partnerships and opportunities with a single country. Canada is the featured partner for the Summit in 2017. Following the Technology Summit, there will be additional events focussed on key sectors; including Advanced Manufacturing, Cleantech, Energy, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Life Sciences, and Transportation.

This trade mission to one of the worlds largest and fastest growing markets is open to Canadian businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, looking to take advantage of opportunities in India.

Take a look at the Government of Canada website about the Trade Mission to India for more information and how to participate.

Commercial Document Apostille

When doing business in India, you will be asked to have your commercial documents authenticated and legalized, a process also referred to as Apostille. Some of these commonly requested documents are certificates of origin, commercial invoices, manufacturer’s declaration forms, GMP certificates and certificates of free sale.

The authentication and legalization process will secure the required signatures and stamps on your Canadian documents, so they may be used in India. The process involves document authentication at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa and then legalization at the High Commission of India in Ottawa.

How can IDC help?

International Documents Canada (IDC) can help you with the “apostille” of your documents so you can take advantage of opportunities in one of the worlds largest and fastest growing markets. By using our services, you will save several weeks of processing time. We will ensure your documents are prepared correctly and processed within as little as two days. Contact us for more information.