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About Document Translation

When is Translation Required

Global Affairs Canada requires any document that is not in English or French be translated into one of Canada’s official languages by a certified translator before it will be authenticated. If your document contains both English or French and another language, the portion of the document in the other language will need to be translated.

And often, when presenting Canadian documents to a foreign authority this authority will require a translation into their official language.

What is a Certified Translator?

In Canada, Certified Translators are certified by and registered with the appropriate Provincial Association. Click here for a list of Provincial Associations of Translators.

When a Certified Translator translates your documents they will include their seal and signature on the translation, certifying that the translation was done by a Canadian Certified Translator.

Translation and the Authentication & Legalization Process

Document translation is frequently part of the first step in the document authentication and legalization process:

Step 1 involves preparing your documents, which may include notarization services and/or having the documents translated.

Step 2 involves having your documents authenticated by Global Affairs Canada or an appropriate provincial body.

Step 3 involves having your documents legalized at the appropriate embassy or consulate.

How We Can Help

We have built up an extensive network of trusted certified translators across Canada. We would be pleased to either help you connect with a suitable translator in your region, or we can handle the translation of your documents on your behalf if that is more convenient.

Our friendly staff would welcome the chance to discuss your translation needs, and answer any questions you have about the document authentication and legalization process.

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