What is the difference between a Process Server and an Authentication and Legalization Service?

Published on Friday, November 22, 2013

A Process Server is an individual authorized to deliver and serve legal documents, typically to a defendant. These legal documents may include Statements, Judgments, Summons, Notices, and Petitions.

An Authentication and Legalization Service provides the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents for use abroad.

The authentication and legalization process, also known as apostille, enables your Canadian documents to be recognized in another country. This two-step process involves first, having your documents authenticated at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFATD). Next, they must be legalized at the diplomatic mission for your destination country. The Department of Foreign Affairs and each diplomatic mission have very specific requirements for the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents.

To avoid the delays and stress involved with attempting to go through the process yourself, use a service that specializes in managing the authentication and legalization process, like International Documents Canada (IDC). We actively monitor the changing requirements of the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) and over 200 diplomatic missions, so your documents are accepted and processed the first time.

By using International Document Canada (IDC) it alleviates the stress involved and saves weeks of processing time! Contact IDC toll free at 1-888-433-1011 or visit us at idocscanada.ca .