Authenticating & Legalizing a Canadian Single Status Document

If you live in Canada and are getting married abroad, you may be asked to provide a Single Status document. IDC can help navigate the often confusing process of obtaining and preparing your Single Status document for use in a foreign country. Contact us today – we will discuss your situation and answer any questions you have!

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My interaction with IDC was fantastic. I loved everything about the service; you guys were prompt, kind, professional, considerate and always available when ever I had a question. I got my authentications and certifications done at a twinkle of an eye. I will recommend IDC any time, any day. Further more, I wanna thank the entire team for a job well done and special hats-off to Heather Ryerse for her professionalism and attentiveness. Thank y'all so very much.

Felix A.

About the Authentication and Legalization Process

Before your Single Status document can be recognized in a foreign jurisdiction, it will often need to be authenticated and legalized. We specialize in all aspects of the authentication and legalization process and can expedite the processing of your Single Status document. Click below for more information on each of the three steps of the authentication and legalization process. Note that in Canada the terms “apostille” and “attestation” both refer to the document authentication and legalization process. Contact us to clarify exactly what processing is required for your Single Status document.

How We Can Help You

We will help you clarify what type of Single Status document you will need and how to have it accurately prepared. Each country has its own requirements and these may vary depending on your situation. Contact us today – our experts will gladly provide you with a free consultation. Phone us toll-free at 1-888-433-1011 or fill out our quick Get Started form.

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We have built our business on one simple but powerful principle – provide our clients an experienced team that is dedicated to exceptional customer service. Our team will move mountains to ensure your documents are authenticated quickly and accurately.

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