Authenticating & Legalizing a Canadian Commercial Invoice

Exports to foreign countries are typically accompanied by a commercial invoice. Depending on the destination country, your Canadian commercial invoice may need to be authenticated and legalized before it will be officially recognized. We specialize in accurately and rapidly managing the authentication and legalization process (also known as the “apostille” or “attestation” process) on behalf of our clients. Contact us to get started with a brief consultation with one of our experts!

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My experience with IDOCS Canada has been 100% positive! The people with whom I dealt were both very informative and extremely patient. They helped me through the entire process and provided guidance in the areas in which I was unfamiliar. They stayed in close contact with me, and provided daily updates on the progress of my time sensitive paperwork. I was pleasantly surprised when once all my papers had arrived for attestation, they were processed the very same day! I would not hesitate to use IDOCS Canada again, and I recommend it without hesitation.

Melanie S.

About the Authentication and Legalization Process

Preparing a Canadian commercial invoice for use in a foreign country may involve having the invoice notarized, certified by a local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade, and then authenticated and legalized. Click below for more detail on each of the three steps of the document authentication and legalization process.

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We work with you to ensure your commercial invoice is prepared correctly for the authentication and legalization process, and that any required supporting documents are provided. We then manage all aspects of the authentication and legalization process on your behalf, returning your processed invoice in days rather than the many weeks it will take doing it yourself by mail. Phone us toll-free at 1-888-433-1011 or fill out our quick Get Started form.

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We have built our business on one simple but powerful principle – provide our clients an experienced team that is dedicated to exceptional customer service. Our team will move mountains to ensure your documents are authenticated quickly and accurately.

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