Canadian University Degree notarization and legalization at the Embassy of South Korea

Published on Thursday, January 15, 2015

As you embark on your exciting journey of working abroad in South Korea, you will be asked to provide your employer with your University degree. However, it may be necessary that your degree go through a process called legalization, also known as attestation or apostille. This term refers to the process by which the Embassy of South Korea stamps and signs your degree.

In order to have your degree meet the criteria of the legalization process, there are specific supporting documents that you must also provide to the Embassy. These include a notarized copy of your University degree and a sealed envelope from your University containing a copy of your transcripts.

IDC can provide you with the notarized copy of your degree, as well as handle all the details involved with the legalization process at the Embassy of South Korea.

If you have questions or need help having your University degree legalized for use in South Korea, contact one of our experts.

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