RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check for your Kuwait Visa

Published on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

As a part of your Kuwait Visa application, you will need to submit an RCMP certified criminal record check. Criminal record checks and police clearance letters issued at local police detachments will no longer be accepted.

What is an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check?

In addition to the basic criminal record check where only your name and date of birth are searched, for an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check you will need to include all ten fingerprints.

You may obtain an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check by personally attending a local police station to have your fingerprints taken, or by using a fingerprinting service in Canada. The police or fingerprinting service will digitize your fingerprints and submit the application to the RCMP for a Certified Criminal Record Check.

What are the steps required for the authentication and legalization of the Certified Criminal Record Check?

Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa will authenticate the RCMP certified criminal record check based on the RCMP Director General’s signature.  Once your document has been authenticated by Global Affairs Canada (JLAC office), it is then submitted to the Embassy of Kuwait for legalization.

You may have the certified criminal record check sent directly to us from the RCMP for authentication and legalization. We will personally handle each step of the process on your behalf and send you the completed document.

Contact IDC with any questions about the process or how to find a fingerprinting service. We can save several weeks of processing time!