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How long is the authentication and legalization process? The length of the process depends on many factors; including whether you are submitting by mail or in person, the diplomatic mission’s processing times, and supporting document requirements.

If you send your documents by mail to Global Affairs Canada, they will take up to 15 business days to authenticate them. The current mail-in processing time, along with their requirements, are posted on the Global Affairs Canada website.

Each embassy or consulate will have their own unique processing time for the legalization of documents. These processing times will typically range between one to ten business days.

What is authentication?

Document authentication takes place at the JLAC office of Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. They will apply a stamp and signature confirming that the Canadian public official’s signature and seal on the document is legitimate.

In some rare cases, the authentication can be done with the appropriate provincial body instead of at Global Affairs Canada.

What is legalization?

Document legalization takes place at the embassy or consulate of the destination country. Consular officer will place their stamp or certificate of legalization on the document, validating the authentication of Global Affairs Canada.

Each diplomatic mission has very specific requirements of how the documents must be prepared and presented. It is very important to confirm these requirements in advance.

IDC can help with the authentication and legalization process!

The authentication and legalization process will result in the appropriate stamps and signatures on your documents, making it possible for your personal or commercial documents to be recognized in a foreign country. Globally there are many different terms used to describe this process; including apostille, attestation, ratification, and super legalization.

Avoid the delays and frustration involved with attempting to go through the process on your own. We will alleviate your stress and save you weeks of processing time. Because we walk in to Global Affairs Canada and the diplomatic mission, we can have the process completed in a fraction of the time.

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