Relocating to Kazakhstan – Authentication and Legalization, or Apostille, of Your Canadian Documents

Published on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

While planning your move to Kazakhstan, you have been told you need to have your Canadian documents authenticated and legalized, also commonly referred to as “Apostille”.

What is the authentication and legalization process?

In order to have your Canadian documents recognized in a foreign country, you may need to have them authenticated and legalized. The process involves two steps. First, you must have your documents authenticated at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) in Ottawa. Next, they must be legalized at the appropriate diplomatic mission.

You can manage the authentication and legalization process yourself.  However, you must consider any deadlines you may have, as well as the requirements of the diplomatic mission. Currently, DFAIT’s authentication mail in processing time is 15 business days. If your documents are not prepared correctly, they will be rejected by either DFAIT or the diplomatic mission.

What types of documents are commonly requested to be authenticated and legalized?

What are the requirements for document legalization for Kazakhstan?

The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan requires specific supporting documentation to be submitted along with your original documents for legalization. However, your document requirements may depend upon your personal situation.

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