I am a Canadian going to work in The Netherlands and need to have an Apostille or legalization of my documents sent to me. How long will it take?

Published on Monday, November 26, 2012

Once your document arrives at our office we can authenticate it at The Department of Foreign Affairs the same day if it is received by noon. The Embassy of The Netherlands legalizes documents in person by appointment only but does the legalization  while you wait.
Let us know when your documents are arriving at our office, we will book the next available appointment, have your documents authenticated as soon as they arrive and shipped back to you right after the Embassy legalization. We have helped many clients process their documents through this Embassy in as little as 24 hrs. Please remember this is appointment dependent. Also the Embassy of The Netherlands consular section is closed on Wednesdays.
Contact your IDC specialist to set up the appointment and help with the details of ensuring the quick processing of your documents.