Certificate Attestation

Published on Thursday, June 1, 2017

Certificate attestation refers to a specific process that validates the signatures on your Canadian certificate. It may be a requirement for a multitude of reasons, such as proof of identity, to support your work permit or residency requirements, or to meet regulatory standards of a product.

What is certificate attestation?

“Certificate Attestation” may be used to describe any of the following procedures in Canada:

  • Notarization of a certificate by a Notary Public
  • Authentication of a certificate with a provincial or federal office
  • Legalization of a certificate by a foreign diplomatic mission in Canada

The destination for the certificate attestation may determine the specific steps involved in having it attested. If the certificate is going to be used outside of Canada, it will need to go through the authentication and legalization process. Other terms used around the world for the authentication and legalization process are attestation, apostille, super legalization and ratification.

What types of certificates can be attested?

There are many types of Canadian certificates that can be attested; from vital statistics certificates to trade certificates. For example:

Attestation = authentication and legalization

The authentication and legalization process allows your Canadian documents to be recognized in another country. It is a two-step process involving authentication at Global Affairs Canada and then legalization at the embassy or consulate of your destination country.

Global Affairs Canada and each diplomatic mission have specific requirements for the authentication and legalization of Canadian documents. We can certainly provide you with the details you need to have your documents prepared correctly.

How can IDC help?

Feel free to contact our friendly staff for your free consultation. We can discuss what document you have and make sure they meet the criteria of the attestation process.