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To use Canadian documents outside of the country, you’ll likely be asked to provide documents that have received an apostille notary. However, since Canada isn’t a signatory of the Hague Apostille Convention, we have our own process that’s the equivalent of the apostille process known as authentication and legalization.

International Documents Canada manages the Canadian apostille notary process (document authentication and legalization) for thousands of clients every year, and we want to shed some light on how the process works, so read on!

Preparing Your Documents to Be Used Outside of Canada is a Three-Step Process

Getting your Canadians documents ready to be used outside of the country requires a three-step process that includes:

Preparing Your Documents:The first step in obtaining the Canadian equivalent to an apostille notary is to carefully prepare your documents for the process. This may involve notarization, supplying a certified true copy, having the documents translated, and supplying supporting documents. Our friendly experts would welcome the chance to discuss what document preparation is necessary for your particular apostille notary needs – with no pressure and no obligation.

Authentication:After preparing your documents, they must be submitted to Global Affairs Canada to be authenticated. Some of the most common documents authenticated by Global Affairs Canada include:

Legalization:The last step in the process is legalization. After your documents are authenticated they need to be sent to the embassy or consulate of the country in which they’ll be used. An official will look over all of your documents and verify that they’ve been through the proper process, then affix a seal, sticker or certificate directly on them.

FAQs About Authenticating & Legalizing Court Documents

If you have court documents that need to be authenticated and legalized, there may be different requirements than those mentioned above, so it’s always best to check with a document authentication service like International Documents Canada. We’ve collected some of the most frequent questions we receive about the process here:

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