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Document notarization involves having a notary public witness the signature(s) on a document, and then certify that this signature is authentic. In addition to notary publics, many lawyers are certified to notarize documents, and in some provinces notarization can be done by commissioners of oaths. The professional who is notarizing your document will stamp and sign your document, certifying that they witnessed the signature(s).

In many cases, having your document notarized is an essential first step in the document authentication and legalization process.

Certified True Copies

A certified true copy is a copy of your document that a notary public or lawyer has certified as being an accurate representation of the original. A notary public or lawyer will compare a copy of your document to the original, and then stamp and sign this copy, marking it as a certified true copy.

Certified true copies can be used when you don’t want your original documents to be marked up by the authentication and legalization process. However, care must be taken because not all diplomatic missions or foreign authorities will accept certified true copies.

The First Step in Document Authentication and Legalization

Document notarization and/or creating a certified true copy is typically the first step in the document authentication and legalization process. Click on the icons below for more info on each of these steps:

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Document Preparation

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